This is a category page for characters featured in Until Dawn: Naltit of Sheepswatch. The story takes place after the events of the traumatic experience where eight teens hang out with each other on a Winter getaway party, invited by Joshua Washington on the Blackwood mountain. No one survived that night, but it is rumored that Joshua may be alive all along. This story sets in the next winter, as Jaidlyn, a college student, invites 8 more to join in her party camp settled just within the Blackwood Mountain as well. With Joshua as the next Makkapitew on the loose, the 9 teens face yet again another horror urban myth on the mountain.

This fanfiction is created by the collaboration of Aicilespear, Cody nara, Omgitsfirefoxx and Queen Bela. It was put on a hiatus due to Queen Bela's retirement and was revived after the inclusion of two new members, RedDragon1024 and IamOutcast (not yet a Wikia member). 3 characters were replaced in the process.

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