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15:54, November 21, 2015 (UTC)

I am Joshua Washington

His brown eyes stared at me, eager to pierce my mind. What was left of his brown hair was in a thick cluster above his forehead. Dr A.J. Hill thought I was a psychopath. I was. And I am now.

"Before we begin, there are a few things I need to make sure you understand. You see, no one can change what happened last year. The past is beyond our control. You have to accept this in order to move forward. But there is freedom in this revelation. Everything you do, every decision you make from now on, will open doors to the future. I want you to remember this. I want you to remember this as you play your game.

Every single choice will affect your fate, and the fate of those around you. So. You have committed to commence with this 'game'. This is significant. And I want to help you see it through. Sometimes... Sometimes these things can be a little scary... even terrifying... but I am here to make sure that no matter how upsetting things may get, you will always find a way to work through it."